The Balancing Act Radio Show (BARS), A.J. Throwback

Airing Wednesdays 11a-1p

The Balancing Act Radio Show (BARS) is not the type of program you can place within a box.  With varying subject matter covering music, entertainment, sports, politics, social justice and relationships; creative and interactive segments; and quality music from local and national indie artists, BARS is multilayered with a little bit of everything for everyone.  Wearing several hats as show creator, show producer, DJ and host, A.J. Throwback comes equipped with over five years in radio, over nine years of deejaying and over fifteen years in the music industry.  In 1997, he began his radio career with Country and Lady of the Night on The Midnight Storm, an R&B slow jams show on WEOS 89.7/90.3 FM in Geneva, New York.  His knack for making a playlist tell a story combined with his ear for predicting hits helped The Midnight Storm become one of the most popular programs in WEOS’s lineup during its four-year run.

After a lengthy hiatus focusing on hip hop and R&B production, his career as a hip hop recording artist and DJing weddings, retirement parties and community events, Throwback reentered radio broadcasting in 2017 as a member of Breakout Kings Radio on WINDCRadio.com along with Coach Taylor, Ransom Rellic and Gangsta B.  As the most laid-back member of the crew, his professionalism complemented the show’s boundless topics and gut-busting shenanigans by creating a reputable hub for independent hip hop and R&B artists from the D.C. area and expanding the show’s reach to New York City, Tampa, Houston, Oakland and beyond.  Building on the success of Breakout Kings during his one-year tenure, Throwback remains with his WINDCRadio family and plans to turn BARS into not only a balanced attack of music and content, but also a show which taps into and represents the pulse of the community.


Bren10 & Mental Da God 1-22-20

King Dragon & Bryan Lyrics 1-15-20

2020 the Year of Clarity 1-8-20

Night Train 357, Rone, DJ Teige Jireh and NuChoyce 12-17-19

Go Hard Mike Lee & Prowess the Testament 12-11-19

Ty Law 12-4-19

Kvnlee 11-20-19

J. Esq & Shaw Calhoune 11-13-19

Boogie 10-30-19

McCrazy & Zexah 10-23-19

Tamar Bubble & Empuls 10-9-19

Nick Blast ft The Dream Crew & Natalee Gilbert 10-2-19

Billy Danze 9-25-19

Rampage & Question Mark Asylum 9-18-19

Shamain & Venomiss 9-11-19

Haas G & Joshua Radbod 9-4-19

Mz Razzle Dazzle & Sideshow Marley 8-21-19

Delante Sealey & Yung Gifted 8-14-19

Melanie Oates & Path P 8-7-19

Sherae’ Smith 7-31-19

Karon Brown 7-24-19

Priest Da Nomad & DonB the Artist 7-10-19

Lex Beatz & Tone Butta 7-3-19

Black Music Month Forum 6-26-19

Tamara Cole & A.P. Fre$H 6-19-19

Kenithia Alson also Rone & Train 6-12-19

Badhumn Arthaus 6-5-19

Onrae Lateal 5-29-19

Tim Hicks & Bren10 5-8-19

Jay Heat 5-1-19

Boogie Nightz 4-24-19

Non Chalant 4-17-19

The Wong Host & Mike Goings 4-3-19

D. Bell & Dj MHAFFA 3-6-19

Remakes vs Originals 2-27-19

Nymrod 2-13-19

Black History Month 2-6-19

Super Bowl 53 preview 1-30-19

Creative Habitat 1-23-19

SML Services Jerell Brown 1-16-19

Bree London 1-9-19



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