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Voting Conspiracies 11-13-18

Violence and Hate Crimes 10-30-18

Kavanaugh to Relationships 9-25-18

Trayvon Martin 9-18-18

Womens Rights 9-11-18

JUST DO IT 9-4-18

VENUS vs MARS 8-28-18

Women Who Lie About Babies 8-21-18

Missing and Exploited Children 8-14-18

David Hawkins 8-7-18

What Constitutes Being a single Parent 7-31-18

Colorism in the Black Community 7-3-18

Do You Feel Safe in the World We Live In 6-26-18

Character vs Reputation 6-19-18

Has Social Media Made Us Lazy 6-12-18

I Don’t Like Your Kids! 6-5-18

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